Thank you to all NHS staff in the Sick Children's Hospital Edinburgh for my treatment for Leukaemia, Western General Hospital when I was 5 with Leukaemia, Western again in 1994 for my biopsy on my leg, John Radcliffe Uni Hospital Oxford for saving my life and the on going treatment and check ups. Thanks so much. 😊

To: All NHS Staff

From: Colette Britten

I like to thank Shirley Salisbury and Dominic Masters for helping me through a difficult time in my life

To: Shirley Salisbury and Dominic Masters

From: Ann Barton

Thank you to my family ❤️👏

To: My Family

From: Betty Robinson

Thank you for my family. They are my world.

To: My Family

From: Greta Bowen

A big thank you to all my lovely family xx

To: My Family

From: Betty Clark

Family friends and neighbours. x

To: Family, Friends and Neighbours

From: Gwen Wright

My Late Mum Mary Hazel ❤️ My Daughter ❤️My Best Friend Janet Martin ❤️My Love Richard Coulson ❤️ My Nephew Charlie ❤️All My Uncles, Aunties and Cousins ❤️❤️❤️My Best Work Friends Julie and Jade ❤️❤️

From: @melissasarahhazel

Thank you to all of the foster carers who do amazing things for children each and every day

To: FCL Fostering Foster Carers

From: Chantelle Haworth

You are doing an amazing job under stress

To: A & E Staff in Lincoln County Hospital.

From: Boltz

Thank you for what you have done for the youth of Stafford and the surrounding areas including my daughters. Scouting is such a fantastic organisation but you all go above and beyond in all that the leaders do in both land and water activities.

To: Stafford Sea Scout Group

From: Allison Heseltine

My Mr Soots x

To: Mr Soots

From: Lyn Chedzey

Thank you so much for your kindness and help I really appreciate it thank you again for all that you have done for me love you both Sue and Gary Ealand lots of love Violet xx

To: Sue and Gary Ealand

From: Violet Crossland

We appreciate all you do for the club and so many hours of voluntary work to allow the swimmers to progress

To: Ben Harvey, Liverpool Penguin's Swimming Club

From: Andrea Clavis

Thank you for all your work during and post Andrew's surgery.

To: Sunil Sharma, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, ENT

From: Andrea Clavis

Coventry City of Culture has it's grand finale on 26 May. A big thank you to all the City Hosts who have shown people around and made visitors like me feel very welcome. And to EnV who have organised the volunteering shifts and trained volunteers.

To: Coventry City Hosts and EnV

From: Jill Rutter

Big thank you to Hull and East Yorkshire Volunteering who first came together in 2017 for City of Culture and have kept up their work since, giving the time to cultural and heritage organisations and to many groups too.

To: HEY! Volunteering

From: Jill Rutter

Thank you to all our Volunteers. Your contribution supports the delivery of care to our service users and the health and wellbeing of your colleagues. Your commitment and resilience during Covid has been outstanding.

To: Devon Partnership Trust

From: Pauline Champion

Well done Sam he is a volunteer for a local primary school helping children learn he is magnificent.

To: Samir Miah

From: Samir Miah

To all of us Nurses and Medical Practitioners who worked selflessly during the pandemic, it was so scary but we did our best to ensure we save lives - I say a big 'Thank you' for all your selfless effort and resilience attitude towards the safety of the public/patients as a whole.

To: All NHS Staff

From: Titilayo Akinwonmi-Pedro

I will like to thank the Head teacher Mrs Titus and all the teachers of this great school for their support throughout the Covid-19 pandemic era. Their attitude and support towards the learning of the pupils despite the pandemic was an outstanding performance and I believe all the parents who have their children in this school sincerely appreciate all the effort and commitment from the school to ensure the kids have the best of learning. I use this medium to say a big thank you for the amazing work you do.

To: St Joseph's RC School, Goodson Road.Harlesden

From: Titilayo Akinwonmi-Pedro